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Second Chance was a short-lived American game show that ran for a little overSecond Chance - The Game Show Wiki four months in 1977. The show is considered the precursor to the game show Press Your Luck; indeed, there are many similarities between this and the 1980s hit (both of which were produced by the Carruthers Company).

Gameplay: Three contestants are asked a question. After they've heard it, they write down their answer on a whiteboard and placed it on a shelf in front of their respective desks. The host would then provide hints as to who was right and who was wrong (ex.: "One or more of you may be correct"), and would then give the contestants the opportunity (called a "second chance") to change their answer if they felt it was wrong. A correct unchanged answer was worth three "spins," a correct changed answer was worth one "spin;" spins were used later. Three questions (for a total of nine possible spins) were asked.

Afterwards, the three took their spins and took a chance on an 18-space game board. In each space was a dollar value or a prize (represented by the top of a wrapped box). A light cursor moved around the board on varying spaces at lightning speed. (Unlike Press Your Luck, the values never changed.) The contestant pushed a plunger to stop the board, and whatever they landed on, they got. However, there was another feature inside a space -- a Devil, which, if landed on, would take away everything -- EVERYTHING -- won by the player up to that point and a Devil marker would pop up in front of them. (In the pilot, the Devil was shown on a screen located behind the player; there were four screens.) Four Devils and the player was out of the game.

If a player had a fear of the Devil, at any time during their turn, they could pass their remaining spins. Much like Press Your Luck, the recipient of the passed spins would have to take those first, but if a Devil was hit, the remaining passed spins would turn into earned spins.

In all, there was a question round, a board round, another question round, and another board round. The player with the highest score at the end won the game and was the only one who got to keep all cash and prizes earned.

(ABC, 1977)

General Info: Second Chance premiered on March 7, 1977 and ended its short life just four months later, on July 15. The show was hosted by Jim Peck, notable for hosting most D-list game shows during the '70s and '80s, such as 3's A Crowd. The show's announcers were Let's Make a Deal's Jay Stewart and future Wheel of Fortune announcer Jack Clark. (As an interesting sidenote, two of the contestants on the pilot, Jack Campion and Maggie Brown, would also appear on the pilot to Press Your Luck.)

Set: A glaringly orange '70s-esque version of the Press Your Luck set. One feature of the Big Board was that it could "fold" itself in half to make the show's logo on the front. The logo was also seen on a platform in front of the contestants. The light cursor on the Big Board moved at an alarmingly fast rate, even faster than Press Your Luck's light. Originally it had only one set pattern, but this was later changed so it had a total of 64.

Intro: We see the Second Chance logo flashing on a black background; it splits apart to reveal the "Big Board", light a-bouncing. Then the contestants are introduced, and Jim Peck steps out. All the while, a dramatic phrase is said by the announcer, either Stewart or Clark.

Theme: A funky guitar/synthesizer tune, originally used on the 1976 revival of I've Got A Secret. A portion of this theme was also used as the "spin music" as the board was spun. A remix of this theme would later turn up on the original incarnation of the Australian version of Family Feud.

Availability: Will never be rerun, as almost the entire run is presumed to have been erased and/or destroyed. The third (and final) pilot, taped in 1976, has been circulating since at least 1994. The series' finale (July 15, 1977) was discovered on audio tape in January 2011, and the June 27, 1977 episode surfaced on YouTube in July 2012

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